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@dialogdesign 2 days ago
Their faith leads them to the chapel, but it doesn’t end there. The multi-disciplinary team that designed St. Joseph Seminary, regardless of their own faith, found the project incredibly rewarding. We’re proud of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design a seminary. Learn more about the design of St. Joseph Seminary through the link in our bio. #yeg #design #architecture #engineering #faith #catholic #seminary

@dialogdesign 16 days ago
Designing with hundreds of years in mind: Centuries of Catholic history are reflected in the design of St. Joseph Seminary. It will stay intact and relevant to their faith for hundreds more. Learn more about this beautiful project through the link in our bio. #yeg #design #architecture #engineering #communitywellbeing #catholic #seminary #seminarylife #faith

@dialogdesign 20 days ago
How does faith take physical form? That was the question that guided the design of St. Joseph Seminary. Seminarians spend up to 9 years there while discerning their call to serve the church. Designing a home and school for these future priests was a rare opportunity that we didn't take lightly. Learn more through

@dialogdesign 1 month ago
“On the one hand we set out to design and build a hall that works at the highest national and international standards of acoustical excellence. On the other hand, we set out to create a hall that works for all kind of music and activity, and invites the community in and invites them to be comfortable in blue jeans or in a tux.” – Doug McConnell, DIALOG Architect We’re celebrating 20 years of awe-inspiring performances at Francis Winspear Centre for Music by looking back at the design. We’re still beaming with pride for this timeless design. (link in bio) @winspearcentre @edmsymphony #winspear #symphony #yeg #yegarts #exploreedmonton #music #design #architecture #engineering

@dialogdesign 1 month ago
To celebrate @EdmontonDesignWeek, we are opening our doors and inviting you to look at the city and our projects from a design perspective! City Blocks | Pick up cubes to explore overlaying grids that make up our city like natural spaces, transportation, and development. Rearrange the city. Put it back together. Discover connections you didn’t realize before. Making of the Museum | A museum-style exhibit that shows how the design of @Royal_Alberta_Museum came together. Get a behind-the-scenes look at early renderings and sketches, and learn how a multi-disciplinary design team comes together to make landmarks like RAM come to life. Open House! We’re opening our doors to the public on Friday afternoon! Tour our exhibits and get an exclusive tour of our studio in action. Friday, Sept 29, 2-4:30pm. All info: (link in bio) #EDW17 #yeg #yegdt #exploreedmonton #design #architecture #engineering #interiordesign #Landscapearchitecture #urbanism